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Nginx Configuration Synchronisation — May 25, 2020

Nginx Configuration Synchronisation

Back when I built the Nginx failovers using Nginx and Keepalived I also required that should the config change on the master then the config would automatically be copied to the backup.

There are some important things you need to do for this to work correctly and not put your failover at risk of failing. The last thing you want to do is bork you master servers config and automatically copy a filed config to the backup server and screw that one up too.

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rsync — September 20, 2016


Good old rsync. Very handy for backing up and entire system to another. It only transfers files that have changed too.

rsync -av -e ssh --delete --exclude /tmp --exclude /chroots --exclude /sys --exclude /proc / user@destination::backups/folder

Uses ssh to connect, deletes backed up files that are no longer on the source and excludes a few unnecessary folders. If you have setup .ssh/authorized_keys you wont even need a password.

What’s even more helpful is that if you have a firewall that restricts traffic to port 22/tcp coming from the source you can use it in reverse and pull the backup from the source to the destination

rsync -av -e ssh --exclude /sys --exclude /proc user@source:/ ./destination_folder

Add to this that if you have a key file you like to use for ssh to identify you by enclosing the ssh call in single quotes.:

rsync -av -e 'ssh -i file.key' --exclude /sys --exclude /proc user@source:/ ./destination_folder