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PXE Boot and Linux Mint — March 2, 2020
PXE Booting from a Container — February 29, 2020

PXE Booting from a Container

I wanted to build on the automated deployments for Debian and Mint, etc. and the next logical step is to use a PXE boot server and DHCP. Thankfully someone has already built a container to do just that – ferrarimarco/pxe

Now all I have to do it get my Debian boot image injected into this.

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Debian Preseeding — February 20, 2020

Debian Preseeding

The boss walked in today with a new desktop PC for a new staff member and handed it off saying:

“I hope we aren’t going to be using some antiquated process to install this?”

As a desktop installation hasn’t been a regular thing for me I thought I’d look at automating the delivery and put into practice some of the automation I’ve been working with. Time to look at ‘preseeding’ the Debian install and tidying it all up with a post install process using ansible.

My end goal was to get a desktop installed with authentication using the LDAP client configured for our LAN and to install, and remove some corporate wide applications.

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dnsmasq CNAME problem — January 13, 2020