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iptables – Part 1 — April 7, 2020

iptables – Part 1

My understanding of iptables is rudimentary and I thought it’s time to improve on it. I have an understanding of firewalls, nat and packet filtering, but putting this into iptables always seems hard work.

There are lots of online resources, but nothing seems to be comprehensive enough to cover everything I wanted and writing these posts also acts as a means of driving the material into my own brain. So I thought I’d document it myself in the way that I would typically use it.

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OpenVPN & iptables — October 21, 2016

OpenVPN & iptables

Some time ago I setup an OpenVPN server so we could securely logon to IT systems from outside the network. This worked really well until I rebooted it the other day. Then I discovered I could still successfully connect to the OpenVPN server, but I couldn’t route any traffic to internal hosts.

Turns out I’d forgotten to make my iptables firewall rules persistent.

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Linux Firewall — January 4, 2016