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Squid Kerberos Nightmare — July 25, 2017

Squid Kerberos Nightmare

What a terrible sequence of events we suffered today. Took quite a bit of head scratching, log reading and plenty of Google fu to resolve.

We use Squid with an LDAP and authenticated lookup to establish if a user is a member of an AD group to allow them through the proxy. For some very strange reason the authentication and lookup began failing today.

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Nginx, Not Just a Web Server — October 26, 2016

Nginx, Not Just a Web Server

Nginx is capable of more than serving web pages. It can load balance, cache and act as a reverse proxy.

We recently had need to access two web services on the same server through a single interface. This is where the reverse proxy came in.

  • Service A runs on port 9010
  • Service B runs on port 9020
  • Access to both services needs to be via a single front end using traditional http over port 80

Not ideal, but it’s not my system design, just a challenge we need to face. The way we tackled it was using an Nginx reverse proxy and split the calls to specific URL paths on each web service to the relevant underlying back end service.

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Windows Proxy Settings — October 5, 2016

Windows Proxy Settings

Set the Server to use the proxy at the command line using:

C:\> netsh winhttp set proxy "http://myproxy:3128" "<local>"

Where the <local> parameter means skip using a proxy for local addresses.

View your setting using:

C:\> netsh winhttp show proxy


set proxy [proxy-server=] ProxyServerName [bypass-list=] <HostsList>