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tobscure/json-api — September 17, 2016


Having had the pleasure of handling json data I found that there are a few implementations within PHP libraries that I could make use of rather than rolling my own.

The one I settled on ‘tobscure/json-api‘ met my needs and was easy to use.

Json:api — September 13, 2016


I’ve been working on an interface to a cloud based ITSM and whilst I’m not a programmer it’s given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. It’s also made me realise that even not being a programmer how even those that are should do better.

Having  an API so others can interface with your product is one thing. But having a poorly deployed one doesn’t do you any favours. It’s almost as if no one has looked around to see what best practices or standards that are already out there.

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