Safe to say that getting older means forgetting stuff you should remember. This site’s just a place for my ramblings in regard to those technical discoveries I make. Then in an effort for the discovery not to disappear into the void, I thought I’d give them a home so I could rediscover them without too much effort.

From the posts you’ll probably see I’m a Debian fan. Over many years I’ve tried many flavours of *nix and eventually seemed to settle on Debian. Rarely do I install a GUI front end though. Almost all of my systems are simple text based servers. I just love the fact you can get a highly capable server that meets or exceeds some of the commercial GUI systems in a tiny foot print.

I actually started out with (Santa Cruz Operation) SCO Xenix! But have gone through Red Hat/Fedora/CentOS and even Arch Linux. But when it comes to day to day operations Debian is my first choice. That said Arch is a wonderful product. So great for tiny systems, but requiring more brain power than I usually want to invest.

The great thing about Linux is that it’s Open Source. There’s so many other great Open Source products out there. To me Open Source just means a collaboration of minds making some of the most awesome solutions out there. Time and again I’ve proven there’s big savings to be made by choosing Open Source solutions, not just because they’re free, but because most often they’re simply the best solution.