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Apache Directory Studio and memberOf — June 4, 2020

Apache Directory Studio and memberOf

Life got easier after I found this in Apache Directory Studio – edit your connection go to the “Browser Options” tab and tick the Features option at the bottom for “Fetch operational attributes whilst browsing”.

It then shows the memberOf attribute for users!

Icinga2 — June 3, 2020


Having had some experience with Nagios and writing Nagios plug-ins and using nagiosql3 to manage the configuration, the new job uses Icinga. I’ve had no exposure to it at all – until now.

Icinga2 uses Nagios as the monitoring engine, but where Nagios is a bit rough around the edges – Icinga2 smooths that all out. Icinga2 layers over it a nice web interface and a whole bunch of add-ons to add value to your monitoring and reporting.

I started by installing a local copy of Icinga2 v2.6.2 onto a virtual machine and encountered a few gotchas along the way. More because reading the docs is a lengthy process and I found you had to skip around the platforms specific stuff that didn’t apply to the OS you’re installing on. You also had to navigate several pages of different steps for web server, api and director.

My build is a Debian 10 Buster installation and I intended to just do an out of the box type of installation. That was until I encountered Apache2 and decided it would actually be easier just to go with what I know and use Nginx.

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