noadssThis site was and is a reference for me and hopefully some interest to others. I do it for my benefit, not to raise cash for me or any other organisation. But somewhere along the line it seems there are way too many people out for a fast buck.

I’m no social networker, just a schlub who figured I’d use the Internet for something useful – to me that is, and if anyone else got some joy or, god forbid, something helpful from my efforts, then that’s just great.

I never signed on to be some Internet mogul aiming for millions from something that to be quite honest, has cost me nothing to provide. Sure, I invest some time, but I’m not paying anyone to host my site. So why should I expect a return on my lack of investment?

But, if you spend a few minutes going around looking at blogs you’ll see many have been lured into the quick buck, money for nothing schemes. Monetise your blog and grab some wealth. Well not for me.

You won’t be seeing any advertisements on here from me… maybe the provider of this free resource, may feel like getting some payback, but it won’t be through my doing.

Spend some time writing your own blog and you’ll find masses of people just trawling the net to get you to come visit their site, raise their sites visitor count to attract more revenue. They’ll play the “I visited your site, now please visit mine”, or “I voted for you will you now please vote for me?” games, well that’s not a game I play. So thanks for the visit, or vote, but don’t go expecting any guilty feelings from me for not returning the favour.

If you have something on your site that is relevant that you think I’d be interested in then that’s different. You’ll demonstrate this by having read some of my sites content and then brought to my attention something that you have on your site that may be of some further value. But dropping by to say “Come visit my site about solar powered rollerskates” shows you’ve no interest in the topics contained within my site and are what I would call a “Fly Poster”.

The frustrating thing is that I’m sure many people who put ads onto their site don’t even give it a second thought. They just throw them on thinking of the money rolling in. But what about those other people like me? I’ll just ignore the advertising and if it’s too much just won’t go back to that site again. Then you’ve lost a reader of any article you may have actually thought useful and lost any revenue you thought you were going to get.

So if you’re a social blogger, drop the ads and go back to having some fun.