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Integrating React with Gulp — December 22, 2016

Integrating React with Gulp

Nails it. Getting ReactJS and Gulp together with Babel.

One thing I like about this is that I’m finding webpack a bit of a chore. Gulp seems so much more straightforward. So I’m thinking I’ll use Gulp on my ReactJS project.

Webpack, ReactJS and SASS — December 21, 2016
Making Sense of React & Webpack — December 20, 2016

Making Sense of React & Webpack

So I came across React and thought it looked pretty cool. But it made my head hurt trying to figure it out. Everything seems so difficult to start with. I just couldn’t understand how you’d write a JSX file and still somehow the browser would be able to execute it.

I had to eventually think back about how CoffeeScript works. The browser doesn’t execute a JSX file. It needs to be “transpiled” into JavaScript in much the same way as CoffeeScript is “transpiled” into JavaScript. It’s just the tools to do it are all freakishly new to me and that’s what I had to get my head around.

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