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Postman Makes API Development Simple — August 20, 2018

Postman Makes API Development Simple

Back in the day it seems our CRM developers advised us to use Soap UI for testing out the API calls needed. But I thought I’d give postman a try as we’ve already been using it for JSON, so why not XML?

It can even be used for unit testing and mocking.

Laravel and Lagan Web Services – SOAP API — August 17, 2018

Laravel and Lagan Web Services – SOAP API

SOAP is a dirty word to me. But I have a need to interact with our CRM system to import / extract data. My go to platform for most of my PHP work is Laravel. So I looked at interacting with Lagan CRM using SOAP calls from PHP.

I started off accessing the Lagan WSDL pages to see what the capabilities of the API are.


Now I can see the self documenting API calls I can make. I just need to create the SOAP envelope to pass data to the service with the call I want to make.

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