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Windows 10 Explorer Slow on Open — December 19, 2017

Windows 10 Explorer Slow on Open

This wound me up this week. Every time I tried to open an Explorer instance to view some files I’d have to wait what seemed like an eternity before the window opened. It must have been about 30 seconds, maybe longer.

Ultimately it turned out to be a problem of my own making – kind of.

I’d repeatedly visited a Samba/CIFS share on a virtual Linux box I’ve been working on. Windows decided to add the share to my “Quick Access” list. But because the virtual box isn’t always on, the share wasn’t accessible and so explorer would have to wait for it to time out before showing me my C: drive.

Just clear the “not so” Quick Access list and presto, Explorer is back to opening quickly again.

Press Windows Key (or open Start Menu), type “folder” and open the “File Explorer Options” that are listed. Then click the “Clear” button under Privacy to get things back to as they should be.


I Googled plenty that recommended MSCONFIG and stopping services like Windows Search and Cortana, adding Registry Keys and other nonsense. When all it was is a Quick Access entry.


Debian 9, SAMBA broke my Shares — July 17, 2017

Debian 9, SAMBA broke my Shares

I updated my workstation to Debian 9 (stretch) today and immediately after could no longer connect to any of my Windows fileshares.

Guessing this was probably down to changes we made on the Windows servers that disabled SMB v1 it took a little bit of googling to get things working again.

Edit /etc/samba/smb.conf with admin rights and add the following lines into the [global] section.

client max protocol = SMB3
client ipc max protocol = NT1

Save the file and restart the Samba service.

$ sudo systemctl restart samba