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PAM_LDAP and uniqueMember — May 24, 2020

PAM_LDAP and uniqueMember

After upgrading the LDAP server so we could make use of some new features like olc and in particular memberOf I ran into a major issue.

Where many programs requiring memberOf work just great, Linux id fails to show anything but the primary group membership from the gid attribute.

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VSFTPD, LDAP (Active Directory) and Virtual Users — August 4, 2015

VSFTPD, LDAP (Active Directory) and Virtual Users


Getting this going is a challenge. It needs some tweaks with PAM to get the authentication going. In order to get it to work we needed libpam-ldapd NOT to be confused with libpam-ldap.

libpam-ldapd brings with is changes to nsswitch.conf so that certain pam capable services are capable of using ldap. The ones we need are passwd, group and shadow

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