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Azure ADFS Certificate Notification — April 18, 2018

Azure ADFS Certificate Notification

We’ve been using Azure for a few months now so it’s about time our certificates would expire right? Well according to the email notification we’ve just received a certificate needs updating or we’ll lose access!

In order to provide your organization with uninterrupted access to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you need to ensure your certificate for the domain(s) domain.tld is renewed and updated in Azure AD right away.

Our current certificate on file for domain(s) domain.tld expires on 5/5/2018.

If you don’t take action, your users will lose access on this date or, in the default configuration of Active Directory Federation Services, 15 days prior to 5/5/2018.

What you should do right now
If you are using AD FS with the default configuration, or are using a third party STS or a non-default configuration of AD FS, follow the article here.

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Microsoft Office 365: Day One — January 28, 2018

Microsoft Office 365: Day One

So today’s been the first day following the consultants departure. They configured our Exchange 2013 estate to act as a hybrid solution to allow us to migrate our mail box users onto Outlook 365.

The config and setup certainly seemed more straight forward on the cloud side than the “on premise” parts. We had plenty to do to setup autodiscover DNS records internal and external, reverse proxying and ActiveSync setups with Sophos Mobile Control.

But now the consultants have gone we’re left picking up the pieces. As it seems no job is left finished.

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