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VS Code Extensions — May 31, 2019

VS Code Extensions

I’m an Atom fan and have used it on Linux for ages. I probably still will, but our other developers tend to use VS Code because of their use of MS Windows. I thought I’d revisit VS Code and see if I can use it effectively like Atom.

First thing I needed to make sure of was that some of the Atom features I use are available in VS Code. Standard stuff like dark colour theme, ESLint, syntax highlighting, auto-completions and Emmet.

One pleasant surprise was that VS Code has Emmet built right in! The usage is a little different, keyboard shortcuts etc. but it’s native to VS Code so that’s pretty good.

Other Extensions that I’ve added to support the languages I use are:

Vetur –

ESLint –

Toggle Excluded Files –

Bracket Pair Colorizer –

phpcs – requires PHP CodeSniffer

PHP DocBlocker –

FiraCode font


Settings Sync

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide — December 21, 2016

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide

If you want to write consistent JavaScript then you can use ESLint to validate your coding style against rules. Add the Airbnb style guide to that and you’ll get a tightly linted stylised JavaScript.

ESLint provides the lint engine, Airbnb delivers the style guide.