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Dovecot Sieve and Junk Mail — September 15, 2015

Dovecot Sieve and Junk Mail

This is a useful addition to Dovecot and will pass messages marked as spam directly into a Junk mail folder.

Trouble is when you’re working with the Outlook IMAP client it structures folders a little differently. So in order to put it into the correct folder a few changes to the Dovecot namespace is required. Specifically MS uses a dot in the folder name eg. “.Junk E-mail” and “.Trash” So to cater for this here’s the changes made to activate dovecot-sieve and the mailbox folder names.

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Dovecot, Postfix, Virtual Mailboxes and Active Directory — September 3, 2015

Dovecot, Postfix, Virtual Mailboxes and Active Directory

Well turns out that setting this up isn’t really as straight forward as simply treating Active Directory like LDAP. The main reason seems to be the way you need to authenticate and the limitations of doing any kind of user lookup whilst using auth_bind = yes, just doesn’t seem possible.

In order to resolve this is you have to live with having Dovecot use a static userdb table that returns the gid, uid and home – but then when you try to sort Postfix so that it delivers using Dovecot it fails because it cant use a static userdb to work out if the user account/mailbox exists or not.

So a little acceptance of that fact initially seem upsetting, but then when you get down to it anything that uses the smtpd for delivery is going to be checked for a valid mailbox anyhow.

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