EDC All Packed

Every Day Carry is an up and coming buzz, but we’ve all probably been doing it for years. I’ve always had a few essentials in the car that includes a multi-tool, torch, a pen and packet of paracetamol.

I just decided to pad it out a bit and include some more useful stuff that could be grabbed from the car and chucked into an away day bag or rucksack. This is just a list of what goes into it.

The pack I chose to bundle this into comes from Amazon for £8. It’s a 1000D nylon pouch with two zip pockets, a buckle pocket and most importantly Molle fastenings. The Molle fastenings mean it’s able to be attached to any other Molle on a rucksack or vest. In this case the Molle has also been thought out to allow it to fit on to a regular belt.

I’m finding this an evolutionary process. Things I hadn’t thought put into my EDC are being added as I discover them and things I have are replaced by better or simpler versions.

What’s inside


This is becoming an ever growing list. As I come across something useful everyday I add it into the EDC if I can fit it in. It’s not a huge pouch at
170mm x 130mm, but it’s surprising what you can get into it. It still has space, so if it fits, it goes in.

  • Gerber Multitool
  • Leatherman C33 Knife
  • Lansky Knife Sharpener
  • Ledlenser P2 Torch & spare battery
  • Fisher Space Pen & refill
  • Rite in the Rain Notebook
  • Ferrocerium Striker
  • Firestarting kit (combustibles)
  • Titanium Alloy Spork
  • Paracord Bracelet
  • Zip/Cable Ties x 5
  • Emergency Whistle
  • Ranger beads & Compass
  • Stanley Pen Screwdriver
  • Cohesive Tape
  • Ibuprofen/Paracetamol & Codine
  • Band Aids
  • Titanium Alloy Tweezers
  • Indigestion Tablets
  • Emergency Blanket
  • Cyalume Chemlights/Glow Sticks x 2
  • Bollé Tactical Combat Sun glasses
  • Operators Cap
  • Timex Weekender
  • Smart Phone

Ferrocerium Fire Starting Kit

Ferrocerium Fire Starting Kit and Emergency Whistle

The Polymath waxed fire starters came as a kit and included it’s own Ferro rod and striker. I only bought it for the combustible waxed sticks and container, as I chose a different striker. I’ll probably replace some of the waxed sticks with some regular matches I’ll coat with wax. Why use a flint if you have a match?

The Ferrocerium flint I chose (orange) came from China for £2.70 – I like it because of the way it screws together as a handle and has some o-rings to keep it dry. I attach it to the outside of the EDC as a visual marker.

I’ve since discovered that this is a Chinese clone of the Exotac nano-striker at a tenth of the price!

Ferrocerium Flint

Emergency Whistle

100dB Whistle
Molle Whistle

I chose this bright orange emergency whistle because it’s cheap and loud and can be clipped onto the Molle of the pouch. This means it takes up no room in the pouch, is readily accessible and acts as another visual marker.

Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool

Gerber Suspension

I carried a Chinese multi-tool in the car for years. To be fair it never let me down, but it’s not the sharpest tool in the box. I decided to upgrade to a Gerber Suspension – I was tempted by a Leatherman, but ultimately went Gerber.

Gerber Suspension

Leatherman C33 Folding Knife

Whilst Leatherman lost out to the multi-tool, it won in the folding knife. It’s super light weight. The handle feels very “plasticy” reminiscent of 3D printing, but that’s probably why it’s so light. Out of the pack the blade is very sharp. I bundled in my Lansky sharpener to go with it to keep it that way.

After applying some GT85 the Leatherman can be operated single handed to open and close, just be careful closing it!

Lasnsky Sharpener and Leatherman C33

Leatherman C33

The Lansky sharpener transformed a DIY store bought low end folding knife I had into a sharply honed and very useful blade. It even edged the serrations on it. It’s a great bit of kit and should now stay with my new knife.

Lansky Blademedic Pocket Sharpener

Ledlenser P2 Torch

Ledlenser P2 Torch and AAA Battery

Every EDC has to have a torch. I wanted to keep it small. No need for big and bright, more about run time and being bright enough. 7 hours from a AAA battery – keep a spare, to be sure. Surprisingly bright at only 16 lumens and with twist to focus head.

Ledlenser P2

Fisher Space Pen 400B – Bullet with Clip

There always has to be a pen in the car. But frustratingly I tend to find it has dried out in the glove box when I need it. So bring in the Fisher Space pen that claims to write in temperatures from -30F to +250F and even underwater. Add in a spare black refill so we’re fully prepared.

Fisher Space Pen and Refill

Fisher Space Pen 400B

Rite in the Rain Notepad

3.5″ x 5″ Notepad that’s capable of staying in one piece when wet and even being able to write on, hence the need for the Fisher Space pen.

Rite in the Rain Notepad

Rite in the Rain Memo Book

Polymath Navbead

Polymath Navbead

This is more of a gimmick than a real navigation aid. It’s useful for getting a general direction/heading, but is no substitute for a bigger compass.

What is useful are the “ranger beads”. They can be used to count your paces to establish how far you have walked. (see video)

Polymath Nav Bead


The multitool is handy, but sometimes you need a better screwdriver. I included a Stanley pen sized screwdriver that has interchangeable ends for two sizes of flat and Philips heads.


Stanley Pocket Driver

Cohesive Tape

Cohesive Tape

This stuff is pretty magical. It doesn’t stick to anything but itself. So it’s not duct tape! But makes a really good bandage for holding a dressing in place without sticking to skin or hair. But equally good at keeping things bound together.

Zip/Cable Ties

5 x 7.6mm x 300mm Reusable Cable Ties. You can never have too many cable ties. General purpose “fix it” devices that have a million and one uses. I chose reusable as you never know if you need to reposition them or make better use of them later. I included enough of them so you can chain them together to get a bigger tie.

Reusable Zip/Cable Ties

Storing them in the pouch seems easy enough right? Maybe, but here’s how and why I do it the way I do. Just insert the locking end down to one side, make them into an arch and push the pointy end down inside the other corner. That way you don’t have to fight two ends springing out of your pouches zipper when you’re trying to zip it up. Also this way up means the arch of the ties doesn’t take up space at the bottom of the pouch making putting stuff in more difficult.

Storing Zip Ties

Cyalume ChemLights

Cyalume ChemLight (red)

A torch is well and good to carry but chemlights/glow sticks are a long term lighting solution. A 6″ chemlight rated at 12hours will make you visible in the dark, help you find your way or act as a beacon to find your way back somewhere.

Apparently red is useful as it doesn’t interfere with your night vision as much as other colours.

Make sure you buy them with a good shelf life remaining. They last way longer than the dates stamped on them, but if it’s going to sit in a kit you need to be sure it works when you need it. So check the expiry date before purchase.

Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket

Something to keep the rain off and start you warming up if you’re caught out in the cold.

Titanium Alloy Spork

Super lightweight and perfect size to add into the EDC pouch. Has a handy bottle opener on the end too.

Titanium Spork

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet

A highly versatile long length of paracord wrapped up in a handy bracelet with a useful clasp. I found it useful to attach it to the molle on the pouch, so it takes up no room.

Paracord Through Molle

ID Tag

Engraved ID Tag

I thought I’d get a tag engraved with my details so in the case I happen to put it down somewhere there’s an obvious means of contacting me. Details not shown in the photo, but I picked a deep engraved dog tag for the job.

Things Yet to be Added

  • Basic First Aid
  • Tweezers
  • Sugru – Moldable glue

EDC Items Not in the Pouch

  • Bollé Tactical Combat Sun glasses
  • Operators Cap
  • Timex Weekender
  • Smart Phone

Bollé Tactical Combat Sun Glasses

Bolle Tactical Combat Sun Glasses

Not just sun glasses, but tactical sun glasses. I bought these as a kit that actually include three lenses – clear, smoke and dark. They’re a great option for eye protection and sun glasses rolled into one.

As they are STANAG 2920 rated they can take a hit from flying objects. But they’re also a wrap around lense that keeps the wind out of your eyes. The smoked lense is really good in snow – tones down the white glare and keeps your eyeballs getting frozen in the wind.


Operators Cap

Something to keep the sun off your head or the rain from your face. Either keep your head cool or prevent it getting cold.

Condor Tactical Cap

Timex Weekender Watch

I’m not a watch guy. I don’t tend to wear one and rely on the PC or my phone for the time. I know many EDC guides recommend the weekender, but for me the reasons for adding it was because I don’t want a big divers chrono. I don’t need the date, sunrise times or moon phases. A simple analogue time device is all that’s required.

What it does bring is a very readable face and “indiglo” back light for essential night time visibility. My choice would have been the black face and bezel, but the black face diminishes the indiglo output – so function over form means the off white face wins.

I replaced the standard olive nylon strap with a G10 NATO strap from Zuludiver, that at least is all black.

Timex Weekender with Zuludiver G10 Strap

Timex Weekender

Using an analogue watch as a compass.