You can see a theme here. Lot’s of action on the Laravel and Vue.js front as I’m focusing on migrating our blades over to vue’s

The process ran into a problem when I wanted to be authenticated from the vue’s.

I was able to move this on thanks to the very, very, excellent article:

I used the basis of the article to create a controller as VueAuth\AuthController.php and and made some changes so that instead of using the Laravel default field of user to username instead.

public function login(Request $request)
$credentials = $request->only('username', 'password');
  if ( ! $token = \JWTAuth::attempt($credentials)) {
    return response([
      'status' => 'error',
      'error' => 'invalid.credentials',
      'msg' => 'Invalid Credentials.'
    ], 400);
  return response([
    'status' => 'success'
  ->header('Authorization', $token);

This now works with the existing LDAP authentication we’re using.

I tidied up the api.php Routing a little too, using a prefix:

Route::group(['prefix' => 'auth'], function() {
  Route::post('login', 'VueAuth\AuthController@login');
  Route::group(['middleware' => 'jwt.auth'], function(){
    Route::get('user', 'VueAuth\AuthController@user');
    Route::post('logout', 'VueAuth\AuthController@logout');
  Route::group(['middleware' => 'jwt.refresh'], function(){
    Route::get('refresh', 'VueAuth\AuthController@refresh');