With Raspbian on my Zero I only get Node v4 in the repository. So How do I get a newer version of Node.js?

If I follow the standard Node instruction for installing from a repository I get:

$ curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | sudo -E bash -

## Installing the NodeSource Node.js 8.x LTS Carbon repo...

## You appear to be running on ARMv6 hardware. Unfortunately this is not currently supported by the NodeSource Linux distributions. Please use the 'linux-armv6l' binary tarballs available directly from nodejs.org for Node.js 4 and later.

So it looks like I must download the tar.xz file.

You can get the file either directly from the download page using the link for armv6 and scp it onto the pi or copy the link and paste it into the wget on the pi.

$ cd
$ wget https://nodejs.org/dist/v8.11.3/node-v8.11.3-linux-armv6l.tar.xz
$ tar -xvf node-v8.11.3-linux-armv6l.tar.xz
$ cd node-v8.11.3-linux-armv6l
$ sudo cp -R * /usr/local/

Then because all this is copied into the path /usr/local the node executable is in the /usr/local/bin folder, which is in your path node should run happily.

$ node -v


References: http://thisdavej.com/upgrading-to-more-recent-versions-of-node-js-on-the-raspberry-pi/#comment-3702