For the first time today I ran into Nessus plugin ID 44676.

It highlighted an “insecurely configured Windows service”. This related to a Service Discretionary Access Control List (DACL), which is a whole bag of new to me.

The guidance shows how you can use the command line to show the DACL for the service it reported the issue with.

The following service has insecure group permissions:

Bacway Windows Service (BacwayService) :
– Authenticated Users: DC

More information is given here:

It’s all still a bit foreign to me. After a bit of a trawl I figured once I got the current DACL I’d just change it to remove the “DC” permission from the “Authenticated Users”.

List the DACL using

C:\> sc sdshow BacwayService

Which returns:


The only bit I’m interested in is the “AU” part which is the Authenticated Users:


Within the list of permissions is the pair “DC” which is the bit listed by Nessus. So I edited the string and removed DC. Then used sdset to change the DACL, passing it the entire edited string.


Now rescanning with Nessus shows the issue is no longer there.