What have I learnt lately? Stop reinventing the wheel.

If someone’s already done something great an you can make use of it, do it. When it comes to frameworks Twitter Bootstrap sits there as the master of HTML5. Sure there are others, Zurb Foundation is pretty solid, but as with everything, at some point you just have to choose.

Most frameworks don’t sit alone and leverage other frameworks. Twitter Bootstrap uses JQuery, which for me is a pretty useful jump on point. It’s something I’ve already got some familiarity with. But Laravel also ships with Bootstrap already packaged and therefore JQuery too.

So by making a single choice of Laravel, I end up with Bootstrap and JQuery as default. This isn’t a problem as They’re things I’m already familiar with and can run with straight out of the box – more learning to do for sure, but already a head start.

You don’t have to use Bootstrap and JQuery within Laravel, but it’s there, so why not?